Hi, I’m Alo!

Thanks for coming by!

Anyone who knows me in real life is aware that this is hardly my day job. I’m a Philippine-based writer and photographer and a conservationist by day, whipping together press releases and articles for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines while documenting our projects out in the field. I’m an adventurer, an outdoorsy guy – and anime is my hobby.

I used to be way up on Western media. As time went on, however, I found myself kind of turned off by Western culture. I found it too superficial, too focused on the accumulation of things, too capitalist without the meditative soul of other cultures. And so I found myself slipping into anime, where powerful emotion sits at the center of the best shows and where I found myself growing the most, from when I was child up until today.

There’s a lot to anime that I don’t like. For every great show there’s a couple of bad anime out there – but that doesn’t mean the medium itself isn’t beautiful. Come, hang with me here on this review site, and let’s talk anime for a little while.