Music in Anime: Yuru Camp OST

I don’t have anything like a review to share with the internet today. In the interest of plugging my anime interests everywhere I go, though, I thought I’d kick-off a new segment to this blog by recommending the soundtrack of Yuru Camp. It’s great, guys.

There are a lot of fantastic soundtracks out there in the world of anime, but the Yuru Camp OST is exceptional. It’s a very calming OST, though it is rife with tracks that have a little more pomp and bombast than the others. These tracks go well with the more comedic moments which, this being a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Anime, there are a lot of, so there’s rhyme and reason for these tracks to exist and they never stray from the countryside atmosphere Yuru Camp is so expert at establishing.

That being said, I do think the best tracks in the Yuru Camp OST are the quiet ones. The quieter tracks can have as little as one or two guitars and nothing else, with vocals from Akiyuki Tateyama that are so soothing you’d want to dive beneath a duvet and sit by a campfire, too. These tracks are employed during the shows’ reflective moments, when the noise melts away and the show pulls back long enough for us to melt away into the scenery alongside the cast.

My personal favorite track in this OST is Solo Camp. It’s hardly a complicated song, and there’s a crispness to the pitchy high notes that feel like you’re inhaling cold mountain air. I love it so much. Hope you guys do too.

I’m gradually realizing just how much fun it is to write about things you like, as opposed to my day job where I write to, well, feed myself, so this is a fun exercise. Will be posting more soundtrack recommendations as I go along with this blog. Follow the Music in Anime category on my blog for more of these little tidbits.

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